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Do you want to experience a pure British accent? I like to introduce myself I am an English fluent native English Teacher from the United Kingdom. 
Edward Vincent. 
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                                       Online virtual English Teacher 
                                          The Voice of Native English.


I am an English Teacher who can bring students a wealth of knowledge, but also an important bridge for students to contact multiculturalism.
★  Mr. Edward. I like to introduce myself.
British gentleman, standard British English;
Possess a TEFL certificate.
Has rich teaching experience in England, Vietnam especially in the Philippines and South Korea and in many nations which has accumulated many years of teaching experience for many students and in many other countries.

The voice of English bilingual is not difficult
I am an authentic British man. an English teacher with the British English language. with the desired pronunciation you want who will provide our students with more diversified cultural learning and communication opportunities. Mr. Edward is the good teacher we hope you find to be at your satisfaction.

★  Introduction of Mr. Edward
I am a degree educated, qualified EFL teacher. I enjoy being creative and I am also keen to use this creativity to create stimulating lessons to inspire a class. I work well in a team and can communicate well at all levels and ages. Mature and lively, I have a variety of outside interests and remain committed to improving my teaching skills further and contributing to the success of the school.

Mr. Edward is a senior teacher of English education, very creative. He likes to inspire students enthusiasm for learning through various innovations. In his teaching, he is competent in English learning for children, teenagers, adults, for many ages of students. He is experienced in all English and English learning for primary, elementary high school, Collage and adulthood.

Extensive teaching experience for Asian students

Excellent teachers must be accumulated through years of front-line teaching experience, especially for English education, children and adults in different regions have very different learning habits and thinking patterns. Before Mr. Edward has spent time in Vietnam, Philippines also teaching experience in South Korea and many other countries . It can be said that he is very experienced in English learning for many students.
                              Mr. Edward's schedule 

Since Mr. Edward Timeline is GMT – 6 California Sur. We can decide at your leisure what time suits you.  If you want to know more details, you can add us on WeChat vince170, what's app, Kakao talk vinceedd70, Skype, Zoom, and communicate with us.
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