LuxElite: Lifestyle & Concierge Services


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Welcome to LuxElite private club, a world of privileges and exclusivity.

LuxElite is a lifestyle concierge agency providing tailored services to individual and corporate clients.

LuxElite lifestyle consultants are available for its members at anytime to fulfill ordinary requests as well as extravagant desires. LuxElite gives its members the precious gift of time, raises their standard of living, and help them to achieve a healthier and balanced lifestyle.

  • Liberty Services for a stress free life: House sitting · Family care · Transportation · Automobile · Professional research · Errands
  • Delight Service to treat yourself: Travel · Entertainment · Nightlife · Shopping · Health · Beauty · Community Service
  • Special Service to make your dreams come true: Art & Culture · Events · Rare objects · Exceptional request


LuxElite provides societal marketing, VIP marketing and hospitality programs to corporate clients.

  • EliteOffice Service: Enhance Human Resource management, attract high profile talents, and increase employee productivity and retention rate through concierge services and employee benefit plans.
  • EliteConsumer Service: Improve customer experience and customer understanding by implementing VIP marketing programs and developing Customer Relation Management systems.
  • EliteResidence Service: Offer a resident concierge in VIP residential buildings to enhance your brand image and strengthen your relations with your residents.


To discover more services visit LuxElite website:

If you need further information, please contact us by phone (+82 2 546 6400) or email [email protected]