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I am working at LG u plus, and I want to make a sale to foreigners staying in Korea. Actually, I am not a good English speaker, but I strongly believe I am the only one who can smoothly communicate in English. Even you want to buy a new mobile phone, you might not buy it because you don't get any detailed explanation of the mobile phone and postpaid plan. Since we have an English speaker, we can offer you a more detailed explanation of everything you want to know. There are very few number of bad people who is trying to overcharge against foreigners. I promise we will treat everyone same as we treat to Koreans. Even when you fly back to your home, call us or leave a message, then we will do every computer works you need, and also it is okay not to buy from us, but just ask us when you are planning to buy new mobile phone, and internet, we will tell you the exact price, so you won't get overcharged or miss small benefits.

Thanks for reading, and leave a message to this number