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About KoreanTranslator.Net

Founded by Heejeong Haas in 1997, KoreanTranslator.Net has been helping organizations and individuals effectively communicate with Korean businesses. KoreanTranslator.Net is a comprehensive service providing Korean business communication consulting, sourcing products and manufacturers, business-to-business marketing, and Korean interpretation and translation.

Heejeong’s personal approach and sophisticated Korean communication techniques distinguish KoreanTranslator.Net from other translation and consulting firms. Along with her approach and communication skills, Heejeong brings the knowledge and insight derived from her vast U.S. and Korean business experience to work for you in the most practical way.

Having Heejeong as your business ambassador saves valuable time and money by helping you avoid cultural pitfalls and misunderstandings. With her by your side, you can quickly build rapport with your Korean business partner and begin a harmonious, rewarding business relationship.


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