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  Tuesday-Friday:  4pm - 12am         Saturday:  2pm - 2am
  Sunday:  2pm - 8pm                       Closed Mondays

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We decided to start the book cafe on a whim and entirely in-line with our own philosophy. We have 3 loves (maybe more): books, coffee, and beer - not necessarily in that order. And supposedly, combining them might lead to some nebulous region that defies our current understanding of the space-time continuum. The great flying spaghetti monster came to us in a dream and told us that such a spot would prevent future pirate attacks on Busan. You’re welcome.

During the mornings and afternoons, we've got a selection of over 1000 used books, espressos, smoothies, and other drinks on offer.

At night, beer and wine are the ticket. For beer, we have OB golden lager on tap as well as Tiger, San Miguel, and Leffe Blonde bottles at 5000 weon. We also offer a wide selection of wine.

We are also suckers for our particular location in Busan. We have a combined 14 years-lived in the Kyungsung area and would love to see it continue to flourish. The Busan community has been a generous and sensuous lover, and we fancy the opportunity to titillate, stimulate and in any way reciprocate the community’s hospitality. We hope that our spot provides something that was duly needed ? a used bookstore (hooray!) that doubles as a quieter place to sit with good music and play a few board games or card games, beer/wine/coffee in hand.

 We have designed and filled our place with all kinds of interesting art forms that contribute to our vision. We like it, and would love to share it with you. We are located in the heart of Kyungsung, directly opposite the Chinese Lamb Skewer restaurant. We are on the second floor above G&G Real Estate, just look for our green door. We welcome you to check out our new “nook” and hope that it “kindles” your interest.

* Note: Please strike all mention of those electronic abominations! *
Come check us out for a coffee, a read, or a pint!

 Fully Booked’s Book Policy

In an effort to keep great books on the shelf, we have tried to create a policy that will give the best selection, and offer you, our beloved customer, a great trade-in policy.

Our Books

Books are generally sold at half off their paperback cover price, although there are exceptions due to condition, age, popularity and whether we have it in stock. You can trade-in our books (they must have the “Fully Booked” stamp) for in-store credit. You will receive 50% of what we sold the book for. If you prefer cash, you can receive 25% of our sales price back.

Keep in mind, the books you trade-in should be in no worse condition than when you bought them.

Outside Books

You are welcome and encouraged to trade-in your other books at our store. Again, we sell books at roughly 50% of their paperback cover price. We will give you 40% of our price in-store credit. If you prefer cash, we offer up to 20% of our price. In the case of hardcover books, they are priced the same as paperbacks. Recall that condition, age, popularity and whether we have it in stock are important.


Be kind to your books like Stephane. Don’t sit on them, use them as a plate, or try to read them while walking in the rain, like Tim. We cannot accept books with broken bindings, missing pages, water damage, or other kinds of serious damage. As our bookstore is new, in an effort to provide as many books as possible, some of our initial stock does have damage. Please note this when you purchase the book. Did you read this far? If so, say, “pomegranate” and receive a complimentary high-5.

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Location: Get off at Kyungsung/Pukyung subway stop and take Exit 1. Hang your first right and then your first left. Walk for 3 blocks. We are kiddy-corner to the Top-Mart, above the yellow Budong-san on the 2nd floor. Look for the green doors and head up the stairs.

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Re: Fully Booked - Busan's Used Book Store/Cafe/Bar

This place is terrific! I have visited many times and found a great selection of used books in English and have been able to regularly sell back my used books, too .

PLEASE NOTE: The hours of operation on Sunday actually start at 2pm.