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Who are you, and why have I never heard of you before? The name of our company is Diverse Horizons. We are an independent business representative of ACN. Founded in America in 1993, ACN is the world’s largest direct seller of multinational telecommunications and home services that provide cell phone services in 23 countries throughout the world, including Korea. In addition, we provide telecommunication services to international companies and corporations located throughout Korea. We are partnered with numerous companies, which is possibly why you never heard of us. Nevertheless, you have definitely used a service from one of our global business partners, and you have definitely heard of Mr. Donald J. Trump. He endorses our business 100%.

Are you legally doing business in Korea? Yes. We do not import your product from another country, which is subject to taxes. Nevertheless, the new Korea-America Free Trade Agreement (FTA) allows us to confidently work with other Korean companies in Korea. We are partnered with other Korean companies, which is how you are able to receive your product so quickly.

Are you a third party service? No, we are not a third party service. We are a direct seller of telecommunications. We are partnered with all three major telecommunication companies in Korea (KT, SK, and LG U+). In addition, Diverse Horizons does a lot of the leg work for the customer by providing them with information on the phones, plans, and application process. As a result, all the customer would have to do is pick a phone, a plan, and complete the contract.

I researched ACN, and you guys seem like a multi-level marketing company. Is this true? ACN is a part of a global multi-networking organization with associated independent representatives experiencing substantial financial success. ACN is a global team, which is one of the strongest and fastest growing multinational enterprises in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. ACN continues to expand internationally, and currently operates in 23 countries throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Asia Pacific.

There are many phone shops in Korea with English speaking workers, why should I give my business to your company? We provide not only native English speaking reps, but we also provide quality customer service. We are sensitive to the needs of foreigners, because our founders were once foreigners teaching in a Hokwon in Korea. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied.

Why are you taking money away from your competitors with this service?  Although we have been told that we have some of the best deals out there, it was not our intention to make another company suffer as a result of our success. This is why we have the option for a person to join our network, or for a company to join our network structure as their own entity. After they join my organization, they can either continue to run their business as usual, or adopt our business model. In addition, they will receive residual income and full resource support from my ACN organization.

What if a competing company wants to join your company? The interested person or company would have to apply to ACN through a sponsor as an independent business representative. A sponsor is someone who is currently affiliated with ACN, like us. We would advise the interested person(s) to allow us to mentor them through this process. There is a business startup fee, which is common with any startup business. A business would look even more attractive to potential customers by having the option to shop for their product and plan via internet. In addition, a business would have the opportunity to gain more corporate accounts through our product line of video phones and internet phone modems. Also in regards to the entry fee, an organization will benefit greatly in the long run. An organization would get paid a percentage of their acquired customer’s bill month after month, year after year, for as long as the customer pays his/her bill (Residual income). A person or business must hold a citizenship in any country where ACN is established in order to be considered as an independent business representative. The startup fee varies from country to country. ACN offers an opportunity to be in business for yourself, but never by yourself.

Is this just a service for new English teachers coming to Korea? No, we service new and existing Foreigners in Korea, and 22 other countries. We service to Korean citizens as well. Our primary services are for those who are interested in getting a contract cell phone in 23 countries, including Korea, whether Military, English Teacher, or Factory Worker. In addition, our primary service also includes providing telecommunications for businesses in these 23 countries, including Korea.

How much extra should I have to pay for using your services? Our services are free. In addition, there is no initial payment or deposit required. We are a direct seller of telecommunications, which makes us equivalent to the phone shops throughout Korea that houses all three telecommunication companies; KT, SK, LG U+.

What if I just want to browse your inventory? Not a problem. Just go to www.diversehorizons.acndirect.com. After you go to www.diversehorizons.acndirect.com, click on the South Korea flag, then, click on the button below the photo of the man talking on the cell phone. You will see all three providers in Korea. When you click on a provider, it will show the entire inventory for that provider at the bottom of the page. When you see a phone you like, click on the blue button next to the phone image. After that, you will see six buttons to the right of the page. They are divided into two groups of three. The top group of blue buttons describes the type of customer. If you are new, then click on the very first button at the top. If you are switching from another company, click on the second button. If you are already a customer of that provider, then click on the third button. The second group of buttons is green. These are the actual phone plans. The locations of the plans vary within these three buttons, so you will have to try them all. When you find the list of plans, click on a plan and a window will pop up explaining the data, minutes, and text information. We are always available to guide you through this process, and we have a matrix available as well. We can discuss the phones, the plans, or the process at any time.

I have decided that I want to use your services. How does the process work? We (Diverse Horizons) have an initial consultation with the potential customer, weather in person or via phone/email at any time. Our inventory site is in Korean, so we provide the client with simple and detailed instructions. Thereafter, we send the application (via email) to the potential customer. The potential customer then fills out the application, and faxes it to the number provided (you should be able to fax from your job). For customers that are foreigners to Korea, the first purchase will require us to have the foreign customer fill out a hand written application, along with a copy of their Korean visa card, to register them in our system. Thereafter, their application will be processed and their order will be shipped to them within 1-2 business days (we can deliver to your job). The process is simple and easy. In addition, any purchases made in the future from a registered customer can be done directly from our website: http://diversehorizons.acndirect.com/ (Click on the South Korea flag at the bottom of the page.)

What if I just want to stay connected with your company. Do you have a mailing list? Yes, you can add to our Facebook account (http://www.facebook.com/diversehorizons) or follow us on Twitter (@diversehorizons). We respect your privacy, which is why we hide or client list. You can also provide us with either a postal or email address. You can call us at 010-5169-1914, or email us at [email protected].

I noticed that your Facebook title page shows some kind of silver box and an office phone with a video screen. What is this? The silver box is called an internet phone modem and the office phone with a video screen is called a videophone. Both products are hot items that Diverse Horizons sells to international businesses. It is an inexpensive way for companies and corporations to conduct global business.

I went to your website and noticed something called ACN NutriQuest. What is this? ACN NutriQuest is a line of nutritional products produced by ACN. All ACN NutriQuest products include the AI complex, which is the major ingredient in of all the ACN NutriQuest products. The AI Complex contains 10 natural, plant-derived ingredients rich in phytochemicals, which is designed to not only maximize the efficacy of individual ingredients, but to create a synergetic effect as well. This results in an enhanced overall health. There are three main nutritional systems with NutriQuest. The FRESHSTART System is designed to help overcome stress and fatigue and make a FRESHSTART every morning, the Vital System is designed to help people with busy lifestyles take care of their health by providing essential nutrients they tend to lack, and the ProteaLean System helps manage weight by controlling calorie intake and providing balanced nutrition at the simultaneously.

I also noticed that your Facebook account says that you supply products from Organo Gold, which I think is a multi-level marketing company. Who are they, and why are you affiliated with them? Diverse Horizons is always actively seeking products and services that they think can add value to the global market, like ACN NutriQuest. After an intense market study, and a thorough evaluation of our resources, we decided to bring the Organo Gold products to the Korean business market. The new Korea-America Free Trade Agreement (FTA) makes this possible. Organo Gold is a product line of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, toothpaste, and soap that includes a natural erb called Ganoderma Lucidum. This natural erb is proven to have great health benefits, such as balancing Ph levels in the body, natural detoxification, increasing the immune system, oxygenating the body, providing more energy, and promoting weight loss.

Are you a Korean Company? No, we are an American company. Our founders are American and former English teachers.

Are you Korean? We are a team of many different people from many different countries, including Korea. J

Are there any final words that you would like to leave for your readers? As we embark on our quest to provide the best telecommunication services in Korea, we hope that we do not lose your support. We have promotions under way for loyal supporters such as you. Our first promotion: Add to our Facebook account (via Facebook friend suggest, or twitter @diversehorizons), and at the end of each month, Diverse Horizons will reward three winners with free products from our inventory. We will also have ongoing prizes where we randomly select our Facebook friends for free samples of our products. And just so you know, we DO NOT plan to spam you or your friends with extra mail. Instead, we would rather share various promotions, deals, or updates about your service in relation to KT, SK, and LG U+. Thank you again! ^^