Busan Sisters


Calling all queer ladies! Come out and join the Busan Sisters, a lovely group of queer ladies!
We get together once a month for fun events like trivia, game nights, dinner, and dancing around town or at our favorite lady bars in Seomyeon. We love to include people from all different backgrounds, though most of our members are English speakers.
Because anonymity is an important factor, our events are strictly for queer people and our allies.
If you're interested, please send a personal message and we can give you more info on our next event.
Have a gay day!


Re: Busan Sisters

hello, my name is Kelsey. i live in ulsan right now. it's my second year here in Korea. I'm interested in joining the busan sisters club. when's the next event?

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Hello ,

We are a lesbian couple visiting Busan for a couple of days. Wondering when the next Busan Sisters meeting would be, so we can try to catch it if we're in time.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Warmest regards,


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Hi , Is there any bar that's is lesbian friendly in busan ?

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searching for friend in Busan...in age between 33-45..


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Hello, I will visit Busan on 19th Feb. to 24th Feb.

I would like to see the lesbian culture in Busan.
Wondering when the next Busan Sisters meeting would be.
Thank you
from Taiwan

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hello I will live soon in busan so I would like to make new friends...