"Best Foot" Professional Editorial and CV Consulting


Business/Organization Type: 

With over 8 year’s management experience in western markets, Best Foot Consulting offers a wide variety of services to solidify your footing in the global marketplace as a key player.

Services include English Professional Proofreading and Consulting in the following areas:



-cover letters

-job or school applications

-essays (general or entrance)


-letters of resignation

-letters of recommendation

** other services may be considered upon request

Located in Busan, South Korea, Best Foot can handle most all service inquiries virtually via email and within 24-48 hours. Committed to providing a finished product that meets the high standards of our clients,  we offer a money-back guarantee on any service that falls short of expectations.

Rates: (bulk and on-going project discounts available)

25,000 won per 30 minute service

40,000 per hour

75,000 for projects requiring more than 2 hours

*larger projects will be discussed in detail

Please email [email protected] with service or general inquiries anytime.