Korea News Talk - Economic Downturn, Union Protests, & Sodium Levels

Korea News Talk#3
August 20, 2011
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Participants: Adam Cave, Stafford Lumsden, Charles Ahn, Daniel Lafontaine, & Jeff Lebow

Topics: The effect of  the U.S. credit downgrade and global economic downturn on Korea, SC First Bank and Hanjin Union issues,  HomePlus/Tesco Success,  Samsung's pass on Android, & Korea's sodium standing

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   Economic Downturn

  Unions & Doing Business in Korea


Chat Log

[11:46] Steven Bammel: But they were close.
[11:46] Steven Bammel: Very close
[11:46] Don Southerton: does the book discuss?
[11:46] Steven Bammel: The employees dance in the aisles several times per day...
[11:47] Steven Bammel: The employees of Homeplus, that is...
[11:47] Steven Bammel: Don - Yes, the book does talk about how much JH Park liked Chung Ju Yung.
[11:57] Steven Bammel: Can some of our other chat room attendees introduce themselves?
[11:57] Steven Bammel: click "Edit nickname" to change your user ID...
[12:02] Steven Bammel: Daniel's comment is prophetic...
[12:02] Steven Bammel: Wait for the next KBC interview...
[12:04] Hyungsik Yoon: What is the topic in this chat room?
[12:04] Steven Bammel: Hyungsik - Whatever we want!
[12:05] Hyungsik Yoon: Just learned our dear leader Kim Jongil is visiting Russia
[12:05] Steven Bammel: Yeah, I saw that.
[12:05] Steven Bammel: Jeff - Jongil Kim is in Russia
[12:05] Hyungsik Yoon: He will meet with Putin probably in Vladivostok
[12:06] Steven Bammel: Jeff - Are you watching this?
[12:06] Steven Bammel: Amazing!!
[12:07] Steven Bammel: Whew...
[12:07] Steven Bammel: I was worried we'd miss this...
[12:07] Hyungsik Yoon: Gas piple line from Russia to South Korea via North Korea will be the main topic
[12:07] Hyungsik Yoon: between the two men
[12:08] JL:http://english.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2011/08/12/2011081201089.html
[12:09] [12:09] Hyungsik Yoon: This is no good news. No salt on Rramyeon? No taste!
[12:09] Steven Bammel: Best idea: skip the ramyoen
[12:09] Steven Bammel: I won't eat it.
[12:09] Steven Bammel: My kids like it though...
[12:10] JL:http://synapse.koreamed.org/Synapse/Data/PDFData/0161NRP/nrp-3-328.pdf
[12:10] Hyungsik Yoon: I probably have world record in ramyeon consumtion. Minimum five a week
[12:10] Steven Bammel: Wow!
[12:12] Steven Bammel: Yes, I'll stick with makgeolli
[12:12] Hyungsik Yoon: Makgeolli doesn't go with me as I get sick the following day. So is my friend
[12:12] Hyungsik Yoon: Soju, that is
[12:13] Steven Bammel: You should try the Buja brand of makgeolli.
[12:13] Hyungsik Yoon: Buja? Rich person?
[12:14] Hyungsik Yoon: or Father and Son
[12:17] Steven Bammel: It's the makgeolli brand I drink.
[12:17] Steven Bammel: It doesn't make me sick at all.
[12:20] Hyungsik Yoon: There are many brands. The most famous is Il**** makgeolli
[12:20] Steven Bammel: Which one?
[12:20] Hyungsik Yoon: Il**** is a small village near DMZ above Seoul, and soliders liked it
[12:21] Steven Bammel: Oh.
[12:21] Steven Bammel:http://seongpo****.koreanconsulting.com/2010/07/good-makgeolli.html
[12:21] Steven Bammel: This is the one I drink
[12:22] Hyungsik Yoon: Somehow I can't open the link
[12:22] Steven Bammel:http://seongpo****.koreanconsulting.com/2010/07/good-makgeolli.html


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Korea News Talk#3 - Stock Market Dive, Union Protests, & Sodium Level