Korea Business Talk - July 16, 2011

Korea Business Talk #1
July 16, 2011

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Participants:  Jeff Lebow,  Joshua DaviesDaniel LafontaineHyungsik Yoon
Adam H CaveDavid YoonDon Southerton

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Chat Log

[10:39] Jeff: Now we're streaming
[10:47] Steven Bammel: Crystal clear
[10:47] matt: audio excellent
[10:48] Steven Bammel: It's not like your hair is going to be messed up...
[10:50] Joshua Davies: Thanks Steven!
[10:57] Steven Bammel: How about the match fixing in Korean soccer?
[10:57] Steven Bammel: Japan's order to public servants not to ride Korean Airlines
[10:58] Meebo Message: David is now known as David Yoon
[10:58] David Yoon: Thank you for the invitation to this forum!
[10:58] Steven Bammel: The typhoon on its way to Korea...
[10:58] Steven Bammel: The continuous breakdowns of KTX lately
[10:58] Jeff: David, would you like to join the Hangout?
[10:58] Steven Bammel: I'm flipping through the paper...
[10:59] Steven Bammel: No
[10:59] Steven Bammel: I'll contact him now.
[11:02] Steven Bammel: I don't know what the deal is with Don.
[11:04] Steven Bammel: Jeff - I emailed you now.
[11:12] Joshua Davies: Botique is a better way to say small
[11:14] Steven Bammel: BTW, please shoot out the link to your social media networks right now...
[11:14] Joshua Davies: all of mine is at joshuawdavies.com cheers!
[11:35] Steven Bammel: I think Don's connection is coming and going...
[11:39] Rahul: Rahul here; you're talking of a lot of topics (Dokdo, Apple)
[11:39] Steven Bammel: Yes, it's a good discussion, isn't it?
[11:39] Rahul: perhaps. ive just joined in. what's the agenda precisely?
[11:40] Steven Bammel: Just a general discussion about the news.
[11:40] Steven Bammel: Don Southerton is here to share about a specific business topic, but his connection is struggling.
[11:43] Don C.: I think the comment about Chrome solving the problem might be true. Hangout has crashed Firefox and Safari on my Mac
[11:47] Jeff: http://nielsfootman.com/blogger-slams-naver-urges-koreans-use-google/
[11:49] Rahul: Guys, please read my article titled "South Korea Beckons: Global Awareness and Cultural Sensitivity Strategies for Western Technical Communicators" at http://2brahulprabhakar.blogspot.com/2009/02/south-korea-beckons-global-...
[11:57] Steven Bammel: Nice job!
[12:00] tynessa: joshua you rock

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Korea Business Talk #1