Part-time teaching job in English kids cafe(Busan, Dongnae)


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I'm posting this on behalf of Starlulu kids cafe in Busan, Dongnae, Lotte Department Store.


We are looking for a teacher who can speak English fluently, and who is eager to play and have fun with kids in the indoor playground. Preference will be given to applicants with F, E-2, or D-2 visas from English speaking countries.

It's a part-time position with classes on Monday-Sunday 11am to 7pm(work time is negotiable).


Payment: 10,000krw/hour


Location: Dongnae Lotte Department Store 8th floor


If you are good with kids, well-organized, responsible and excited about the opportunity of helping kids get better at English, please email us, send your CV and schedule for the interview.


email: [email protected]



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