Incheon public elementary school ,not affliated with EPIK , start March 1st 2022


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If you are interested in, send CV to [email protected]



Gender:  female or male
Starting date: March 1st 2022
Type of Students :elementary
Needed :1
Working days a week : Mon~Friday ,,
Full time Payment :: (base 2.1 mil won +1.3 ~1.4 mil  won for guaranting
                                afterschool program)  totally 3.4~3.5 mil won                           
included in bonus for afterschool program :1.3 ~1.4mil won  a month
No Housing and No allowance
Airfare one way: Cash Upfront 1,000,000 won  as returning ticket
Bonus for a summer or a winter  camp: :600,000 won a week
Holidays :6 weeks a year
Operating hours : 8:30am~4:30pm ( go home at 4:30pm)

Health insurance :50%



* Demo class in School : 1 class (10 min) for 3rd or 4th grade elementary school student


subway : Dowon station and Dongincheon station of LINE 1

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No Recruiter Documentation Provided