Full time teaching, Busan, June


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☆☆ Full time ☆☆
1) Working hours: 2 pm~9pm (Mon~Friday)
2) Monthly salary: 2.7 million won. 
3) It's provided house.
4) Bonus: After completing the one-year contract.
5) We offer four major insurances. 
6) Airfare: 1 year after completion: One-way ticket. 
7) Vacation: 11 days paid vacation (school summer and winter vacation period) And 3 paid sick days.
8) Location: Busan and ...
9) Start Date: June~
**Qualification: holders of a bachelor's degree or higher who speak their native English. 
**Visa: E-2, F2, F4, F5, F6 visa available

For more details : 010-5501-0515
[email protected]
** Don't send message via koreabridge. I don't check.

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