A full time teacher needed in Sajik area (great environment)


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We are looking for a full-time teacher in Sajik. 
Friendly environment with 4 weeks of vacation a year. 
One full week vacation in, roughly, Feb, May, Sep, and Dec.
(Red days that don't fall in the holiday weeks will be work days with time and a half pay)

Job description 

1. over 5 years of teaching experience 
2. have experience in managing teachers 
3. excellent interaction with students 
4. enthusiastic 
5. F visa / or working visa 
6. have experience in teaching high level ESL students 
7. curriculum development 
8. have experience in teaching novels and academic writing 
9. working 25 hours 5 days a week
10. salary is 3.2 - 3.5 mil , negotiable  (includes housing) 
11. teaching hours 2-9 pm depend on the schedule sometimes 2-6 or 4-9) 
12. arrive 20 mins prior to class 

13. Insurance will be covered

Aiming to start in Jun. Training is needed. 

If I find a teacher, I will delete this ad. It's still available if you can see. 

Please send your resume to [email protected]

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