Foreign English Teacher


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Urgent Position!!!

Hello my school is looking for a full time English Teacher that can start immediately, someone in Korea already.

You will be teaching kindergarten in the morning and elementary kids in the afternoon.

Working hours 9am - 6pm.

Starting salary is 2.3 mil won.

There is lunch provided by the school.

Housing is provided very close to the school or a housing allowance  of 300 000won will be given.

We are located in Busan, Bukgu area.

E2 visa sponsership is given. 

Pension is given. Health Insurance is shared paid of 50%. Severnce payment at the end of a 1 year completed contract. 

The school is looking for a hard working teacher, that loves working with children and is dedicated to the students.

Please send your resume to this email

Thank you


Hello Everyone

My Academy is looking for 2 new teachers to start in March 2021 in Busan, South Korea

The school is located in Buk-gu District in Busan. We are currently looking for new teachers to start in March of 2021. We are looking for full time or part-time teachers.

Time: 9am - 6pm ( Full Time )

1pm - 6pm ( Part Time )

Students: Kindergarten and Elementary

Salary: 2.3mil Won - Full Time

2.1mil Won - Part Time

Vacation: 9 Days ( 5 days for summer vacation and 4 days for winter vacation ) and all red days ( Public Holidays )

Housing: There is housing provided close to the school or a housing allowance of 300 000 Won is given.

Teachers: The teachers has to be from one of the 7 English speaking countries. South Africa, America, England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Ireland.

We are looking for someone who is preferably in South Korea already but if you are applying form outside of Korea please be aware that there will be a mandatory 2 week quarantine period when arriving in Korea and that needs to be done before your contact starts.

Please send your resume and a photo of yourself to the following email.

Thank you