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Dong A University (Busan) Seeking Full-Time Assistant Professor in the College of General Education (English)


Job Description:

Dong A University is looking to appoint two Assistant Professors to the English faculty in the College of General Education for the beginning March 2022 semester. The department is mainly responsible for teaching core, credited courses in English Conversation with an emphasis on Global Culture and Language. The focus of these courses is not only to improve the student’s fluency in speaking English, but also to prepare them to survive everyday life while living or traveling abroad. Professors will be tasked with developing creative and dynamic teaching methods in order to imbue their lessons with the essentials needed for students to thrive in all English speaking environments.

The students at Dong A University are generally non-English majors and thus come from a variety of English learning backgrounds. Therefore, our classes primarily focus on English communication and expression in the classroom in order to maximize peer to peer and student to teacher interaction. Although there is a textbook and a pre-determined curriculum, Professors will be given lots of leniency in lesson design and methodology and thus will be leaned upon to determine the specific language and philosophical focus of their courses. Speaking is the primary goal of the course, but professors are also encouraged to include short listening, reading and writing exercises in order to complement their lesson plans.

The teaching year is broken up into two, 15-week semesters. Professors will be required to teach an average of 12 hours per week every semester which over 2 semesters will equate to 24 hours per annum (with the potential of some overtime hours during the regular semester) and to create their own midterm and final examinations. There are extra paid opportunities during the normal semester hours and Winter/Summer breaks. However, these are optional and do not directly impact contract renewal. The contract lasts 2 years and renewal will be dependent on evaluations at the end of the teaching period. If eligible at the end of the 4 semesters, the professor will be able to renew their contract for 2-year periods thereafter. In addition to teaching duties, professors will also be required to hold 3 office hours per week for potential student consultation.



Full-Time Position.

Working Period: March 1st 2022 ~ February 29th 2024.

Annual Salary: 30 000 000krw or higher depending on overtime/extra opportunities.

Overtime: Paid at an hourly rate.

Personal Benefits: National Health Insurance and Private Pension.

Vacation Period: 10 weeks paid vacation in the Summer and Winter breaks as well as National Holidays. 20+ weeks in total.

Housing Allowance: Housing in the school dormitory is possible. If the professor desires their own housing, 350 000krw will be added to the monthly salary as a housing allowance.



Native Speaker of English.

A person who does not have Korean Nationality as prescribed by the Immigration Control Law must be in Korea and have either an E-2 or F-series visa in order to be considered for employment. If required, Dong A University is able to sponsor applicants for E series Visas.

Master’s Degree or higher. English Majors are preferred.

Candidates with at least 2 years teaching experience at the University level will be given priority.


Required Documents:

Resume (Please fill out document provided) LINK.

A 500-word statement of their teaching philosophy.

Photocopy or Digital Copy of their University Transcripts.

Photocopy of their Undergraduate and Graduate Diplomas.

Career Certificate 경력증명서.


Application Deadline: November 14th

To apply, please email Min Ah, our Administrative Assistant, at [email protected]

Interviews will be conducted soon after and depending on the social distancing levels will be either in-person or via Zoom. Successful candidates will be notified of the interview dates after the committee reviews their documents. If offered the position, candidates will have to provide additional documents to complete the hiring process. Details of those documents will be disclosed after selection. However, please keep in mind that a National Police Check from the candidate’s home country is one of those documents.

We look forward to adding two great candidates to our already wonderful faculty.


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