EmmaKim - The other side of the world

ME: I am a French girl currently studying Korean language and civilisation.  First left France for China but then decided that Korea was my Promess Land (but is still dying to finally see the real one….Tel Aviv! Hine Abi Ba!!!). Moved to Korea as i couldn’t resist the beautiful eyes of my handsome Korean boyfriend so I had to get closer to him, and France is way to far and way too cold without his soothing voice and warm arms.

MYSELF: Currently living in Busan.Love the life over here, the more than clean subway that never seem to be on strike (big change from France), the little Cafe “CCC” where I spend most of my time, and my money on chocolate milshakes. Love when people speak Korean with a Busan accent ( so sexy) and having old ladies in food stands shouting at me cause I don’t eat fast enough.                                             But  still misses a little bit Paris once in a while and especially several areas of the city like “Odeon” with its Canadian pub that serves poutine, the “13th area or Chinatown” with its Vietnamese sandwich, egg pie and delicious southeastern food and ” Le Marais” and its Jewish street with the best falafel and cheesecake I ever ate…… I know, I seem to be obsessed with food but when you can’t see your boyfriend during one year, it is the only thing that you have left!!! But since I am back in Korea I finally replaced food by my dear better half kisses… Lost so many kilos!!

And I: I want to meet people that can make me cleverer when I go to bed than when I woke up in the morning cause like Socrates said: ” I know only one thing, and it’s that I know nothing” Very modest man….and it’s mostly the only thing I remember from my philosophy class…