World DJ Festival in Yangpyeong


Saturday, May 26, 2012 - 14:00


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Hello. We are Sang Sang Gong Jang family. We would like to inform you about the venue and the ticket schedule. We are looking forward to meeting you who are a huge fan of World DJ FestivalJ

World DJ Festival 2012 Guide


- 2012 World DJ FestivalSubject: Oriental Electronic Paradise

- Promoter: Sang Sang Gong Jang

- Organizer: Sang Sang Gong Jang, Gaseum Network

- Date: Sat, May 26th to Mon, May 28th. 1 night 3 days!       

          Day 1 - (Sat) May, 26th 2:00pm - (Sun) May 27th 5:00am       

          Day 2 - (Sun) May, 27th 2:00pm - (Mon) May 28th 5:00am

- Venue: Gyeong-gi-do Yangpyeong Narukke Festival Park (former Gangsang Sports Park)

- Rating: Minors under 19 years old(Birth after 28, May 1993 are not)are not allowed in the event.

- Contact: World DJ Festival official web site (

- Sang Sang Gong Jang cafe ( 02-3141-1011/  

- If you are a Foreigner, contact (02-3141-6062, Sang Sang Gong Jang)


World DJ Festival 2012 Information


  •   [Art Director] Jun Heum, Park
    •       We invited Jun Heum, Park as an art director for 6th World DJ Festival. He was an executive director of Gwang myeong Music Valley Festival and Incheon Pentaport Festival. We aim to enhance the diversity and potential of WDF through new attempts and operations.
  •   [Venue] The Biggest Festival in Yang-pyeong Naruke Festival Park
    •       WDF2012 will be held in Yang-pyeong Naruke Festival Park as last year. Despite the concerns, transferring the venue from Nanji to Yang-pyeong gave another opportunity for WDF to realize a bigger dream. As the biggest  festival zones existing in Korea, we offer the full sound volume all night long which is the most crucial part of music festival. Also, the site is perfect for the festival since the nature of the site makes an immediate drainage possible when raining. In 2012, we are planning to use idle sites for creating parking spaces and camping zone.
  •   [Stage] 5 Electronic Paradise Stages will be in WDF2012
    •       The scale of the stages will be the same as last year, but the arrangement will be different in 6th WDF. This year, we will maintain the scale and focus on embracing the quality of the festival. There will be 2 open stages, 3 dome stages and sub-stages at the venue.
  •   [Dome Stage] Rain or Shine, We want WDF!
    •       In case of rain, we will prepare 3 dome stages, same size as last year’s.
  •   [Artificial Grass Field] Green zone for you to relax!
    •       One of a soccer field in the park is changed into an artificial grass field. Thus, we will arrange the field as a ‘Green Zone’ in order to provide you a large space to relax during the festival.
  •   [Schedule] Last WDF was held during a quite chilly weather
    •       In order to provide better quality of festival, we moved the venue to Yang Pyeong, Gyeong gi do where is much broader and better! However, cold winds swished pass down the gorge of Mother Nature Yang Pyeong, sending chill up the spines of all- night dancing tribes. This year, 6th WDF will be held from 26th of May to 28th for better weather.
    •       Who would have known that the last day of our festival is on the same day as Buddha’s birthday? So, this year's concept is Oriental Paradise Electronics. The oriental outdoor electronic music festival which is mixed with oriental splendor. Can you feel the excitement? I wonder how you are going to dress up for WDF. I ask for your continuous interest and attention.
  •   [Line-up] The First Line-up will be revealed on Jan. 31th on Ticket Monster
    •       When the blind ticketing finishes, we will announce the first line-up along with the opening of tickets on Ticket Monster.
  •   [Etiquette] WDF depends on you to keep it going without any accidents.
    •       World DJ Festival has very strict rules on entrance and everything related to the festival. This is for preventing any accidents from happening at the venue where thousands of people are gathering, so we ask for your understanding on this matter. Please be considerate of others and enjoy your festival. We support your dream of breaking away from the routine of daily life. The best line-up of WDF is you.
  •   [Safety] More Security guards.
    •       Since WDF has moved from Nanji to Yangp-yeong, WDF has worked hard to enhance the security at the venue. We will arrange more security guards, and expand the entrance which was very crowded last year. Also, we will cooperate with Yang-Pyeong more closely in order to develop the festival.
  •   [Entrance and Exit] It will be restricted at dawn for safety
    •       The 5th World DJ Festival was the first festival to allow a free entrance and exit. It was decided after a careful consideration, as we thought World DJ Festival needs to contribute to the vitalization of Yang-Pyeong’s economy and also accept the demand of audience. The entrance and exit will be also free during the 6th WDF this year. However, it will be restricted during the dawn when the security outside the venue is vulnerable as no public transportation is available.
  •   [Bringing Food into the festival] It is prohibited to bring food from outside.
    •       Bringing fast food(such as pizza, chicken or hamburgers, etc), food and beverage from outside, delivery food, cans and bottles into the venue will be strictly prohibited. Instead, World DJ Festival2012 will provide delicious food and beverage at reasonable price with high-quality service. We will continuously inform you about the food zone later on.
  •   [Ticket Price] Notice on the rise of the ticket price – This policy will be maintained

- We raised the price of the ticket in order to provide better services and facilities than the prior world DJ festivals of last 5 years.

- So far, the ticket price of World DJ Festival in South Korea has maintained a lower price than any other music festival's ticket price. This year, the 6th WDF will provide even more powerful lineups and more amusing and exciting events than last years' WDF which gave a great joy to the audience with the world's top DJs including Avicii, Markus Shultz, James Zabiela, etc.


World DJ Festival 2012 Ticket Guide


  •   World DJ Festival Ticket Information.
    •       World DJ Festival 2012 is the largest outdoor music festivals and it will be held for 3 days(1night 3days). Since the tickets are for standing, seats are not designated.

-      Tickets are consist of 1day ticket (from 1 or 2pm of the day to 5 or 6am next day), and 2days ticket(from 26th, May 2pm to 28th, May 6am)

  •       You should purchase tickets only through 2012 WDF’s official reservation site( before April.

-      Wrist bands will be issued for all the ticket buyers at the venue. When the wrist band is damaged or lost, it will not be reissued.

  •       Please refer to ‘ticket’ menu above the page for more details.
  •   Blind Ticket Information.

-      Blind tickets are special discount tickets before the announcement of the line-up. Blind ticket sale will start from Jan, 24th(Tue) to Jan, 29th(Sun). Since the quantities are limited, you better hurry!

  •       One person can purchase maximum four tickets.
  •       The deadline for the deposit is Jan, 30th.
  •       Payment should be confirmed before the deadline or the reservation will be canceled.
  •       The 1st lineup will be announced on our official website and Ticket Monster on Jan, 31st.
  •       Blind Ticket cannot be transferred or resold to another person after reservation.
  •       In case of cancellation after 7 days of reservation date(confirmation of the deposit), 30 percent of commission will be charged.

-      The quantities are limited so the tickets can be sold out without any prior notification.

  •       Under the condition of discount for tickets purchased in advance, if you want to cancel Blind Ticket or Special-Discount Ticket after 7 days of its purchase, you should be aware that commission of 30%, 20% per each ticket will be charged in case of cancellation. Therefore, we recommend you to make a careful choice when you purchase tickets. We follow the general cancel/refund regulation from the first- official ticketing, and commission for canceling the reservation is applied according to each reservation sites’ regulation.
  •   Notice on transferring tickets
    •       Blind ticket, Ticket Monster and Special ticket cannot be transferred to another person.
    •       We Ban transferring tickets in order to prevent any resale at higher price than the original ticket price.
    •       Blind ticket, Ticket Monster and Special ticket have already announced the prohibition on transferring tickets.
    •       When you decide to purchase a resale ticket of 1st~4th ticketing, compare its price with the price of original ones.
    •       When receiving a wrist band, captured image of transferer’s ID card(delete the back numbers) and phone number are required to confirm the transferred ticket.
    •       Or, you can contact the reservation site and change the information of the person who reserved the ticket after you receive the transferred ticket.
  •   Notice on Ticketing

-      No Minors under 19 years old(Birth after 28, May 1993)are allowed to buy ticket or enter the event.

  •       Identification will be required at the entrance. No refund/transferring ticket will be possible at the venue.
  •       You need to exchange your ticket for a wrist band at the venue.
  •       To change the date or type of your ticket, contact the official reservation site.
  •   Camping and VIP
    •       Information on camping and VIP ticket will be announced later on.