Wordz Only#9 @ Cafe Radio


Saturday, February 19, 2011 - 20:30


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Wordz Only is a night of spoken word!

If you have poems, fiction, non-fiction, limericks, pantoums, raps or rhymes then bring them here this night.

We have an active audience. We have a supportive audience.
First-timers, old-timers, slammers, phi-slamma-jammers, & dancers with dangerous eyes ALL WELCOME.

Night works like this: all those wishing to read/share/say/perform should show up by 8:20 & throw their name into the silver lunch box. The first performer is drawn from the box. When the first person finishes, he or she draws the second person--& this process continues througout the night. Ideally, performers should limit their reading time to 7 to 12 minutes, but the time is flexible, especially on the longer side if you can hold the audience's attention in a hailstorm.

Anyway, Cafe Radio is a great spot. In Kyungsung, if you are looking at the Starbucks, go left, walk to the first street, turn right, go one block, & go up the stairs immediately after the entrance/exit to the parking garage under the 21st Century Building.

We hope you are all doing well!

K, Marcus, James S. and James M.