Wordz Only 38


Saturday, May 3, 2014 - 20:30


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Wordz Only is a night of spoken word awesomeness, so hopefully you'll enjoy it.

If you have poems, fiction, non-fiction, limericks, sonnets, rhymes or hollers, then bring them on down.

First-timers, old-timers, slammers, ALL WELCOME.

The night works like this:

all those wishing to read/share/say/perform should show up by 8:20 & throw their name into the silver lunch box. The first performer is drawn from the box. When the first person finishes, he or she draws the second person--& this process continues througout the night. Ideally, performers should limit their reading time to 7 to 12 minutes, mostly because we've had more and more people comfortable with reading and we want everyone to have a chance; but the time is flexible, especially if you can hold the audience's attention in a hailstorm.

Cafe Radio is a great spot. In Kyungsung, if you are looking at the Starbucks, go left, walk to the first street, turn right, go one block, & go up the stairs immediately after the entrance/exit to the parking garage under the 21st Century Building.

Cafe Radio does a great job supporting the expat spoken word community! In return, we need to support the Cafe Radio! Therefore, it is HIGHLY encouraged that everyone do the right thing & make at least ONE purchase from their menu of wine, spirits, juice, & coffee drinks. By making a purchase, you guarantee that we will be able to keep the space for as long as the establishment is open.

Hope you are all doing well, and excited for another great night of Wordz!