Tenacious D Live in Seoul


Friday, December 5, 2014 - 20:00


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Featured in popular movies such as the ‘School of Rock’, ‘High Fidelity’, and even lending his voice in ‘Kung Fu Panda’, the world famous Jack Black and his greatest band in the world, Tenacious D, will be holding a concert in Seoul for the very first time. Having become one of the biggest cult bands in the world, Tenacious D’s stage manner, skill, and spirit can be compared to the likes of Metallica and Foo Fighters. But what makes them more special is due to Jack Black’s tight schedule and the Tenacious D’s availability for a show. Private Curve has been working hard on making this possible for the past 5 years and can now proudly say an Asian Tour has been formed surrounding the Korean dates. An opportunity to be able to see them live is something that must not be taken for granted.

As there are various tobacco warning messages on the packaging of cigarettes, this rock band, too, has its own share of a warning message. Forewarned by Tenacious D themselves; "Caution: The surgeon general of rock warns that viewing this band is equal to 29 orgasms." The members of this band consist of two members, one of whom is a very well known actor and comedian, Jack Black. The other is a guitarist of the name, Kyle Gass, and the two represent the world’s greatest band, Tenacious D.

In 1997, the band had a Comedic-Live TV Series on the ever popular US channel, HBO, which took them from the underground comedy scene to a major-label album deal and a real start to their band’s career. The aforementioned homage to the world’s greatest song, “Tribute”, was part of their debut album <Tribute, 2001> and was certified platinum (selling 1,000,000 copies). Soon thereafter, Tenacious D played opening shows for bands like Pearl Jam and the Foo Fighters, and has continued work on a Tenacious D movie, ‘The Pick of Destiny’, which was released in 2006 and casting their own selves with their own soundtrack. Unlike their usual promotional standards, this rock and roll movie was not coined ‘the greatest movie in history’, as it was produced in light of their true fans. However, their respective second album <The Pick of Destiny (Soundtrack)> had climbed to number 8 on The Billboard 200 and number 10 on the UK Charts. Due to Jack Black’s schedule, a proper tour was not in the works, but regardless, Tenacious D had performed at venues such as the Madison Square Garden, was on the main stage at the Reading and Leeds Festival 2008 with Metallica, and also performed on the main stage of the massive Bonaroo Music and Arts Festival in the USA. Moreover, they were invited to play on the main stages of Germany’s major festival, Rock am Ring, and UK’s Download Festival. In Sweden, their show at a Theme Park had brought in more than 20,000 fans causing havoc due to the limited capacity.

In 2012, Tenacious D had released their 3rd album, <Rize Of The Fenix>. As expected, the lyrical content was delivered to their style and even more so depicted through the album jacket. But even so, it is apparent the musical content shows Led Zeppelin and Metallica’s influence. Though this album did not take the number one spot on the UK Charts, it was still a formidable number 2, and had risen to number 4 on The Billboard 200. Even though this album isn’t the most sold rock album, when looking into the sub category of comedy-rock, it is the most sold in this genre. The album was also nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album.

The surprising and unique duo, Tenacious D will not only display their talents and skills during their live set but they will show an accumulated rock-energy of 20 years in one sitting. If there ever was even the slight bit of interest in rock music, or enjoyment in watching Jack Black in such movies as ‘School of Rock’ or ‘High Fidelity’, this rare opportunity to watch Tenacious D live in Korea must not be missed.

The world’s greatest band in history, Tenacious D’s first live in Seoul concert tickets can be found through Interpark from Tuesday, September 23rd @ 12 NOON. There is an age restriction of 18+.

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