Seoul Streetz Vol 6 @ Freebird (Hongdae)


Friday, December 28, 2012 - 23:00


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Seoul Streetz Vol. 6, December 28th, 11pm @ Freebird (Hongdae)
You asked us for drink specials and discounts for students! We listened!! We just got off the phone with the owner of Freebird and here’s the deal: 
1. 대학생 할인! 이메일주소와 이름을 메세지로 보내주시면 11:30 이전까지 공짜! 단, 학생증 필히 지참해주세요!
    Students send us your email and full name NOW to get FREE entry before 11:30!!
2. 드링크 스페셜: 11:30~12:30 데낄라 2000원, 보드카핫식스 3000원
    Drink specials: 11:30-12:30, Tequila $2, Vodka & Hot Six $3!!!
Thank you!! If you have anything else you would like us to do, just shoot us an message! Will do our best!!