Scavenger Hunt Busan 4.0


Saturday, October 18, 2014 - 13:00


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Oh Hi there Busan! 

For the past three years, we have been bringing joy and hangovers to the amazing people of the Bu. WHY STOP NOW??! That’s right ladies and gents, Hunt: Busan is back!

Get ready for a full day of shenanigans that have in the past been referred to as ‘the best day of my FRICKIN LIFE’ and ‘OW MY HEAD, I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR’S’ 

Hunt: Busan is a cross-city picture and video scavenger hunt that will get you and your friends bonding with each other and several of the locals all over town, all day long. Creativity is key- the more accurate, unique and hilarious the photo, the better the points you will get. Location challenges at some local establishments around town will be included as well!

*This year we’re going full tech, so just make sure your team has enough charged smartphones to last you throughout the day!

Like last year, the Hunt will be starting and finishing at the lovely and gigantic Eva’s Ticket in KSU. The yearly kick-off flip-cup tourney will begin at 1pm sharp on Saturday October 18th. If your team is called and wins your game, you receive an envelope and can start the game. If your team loses, you go back into the lottery. 

As usual, and even more relevant this year being so close to Halloween, COSTUMES are mandatory. Full team themed costumes have been one of the contestants' AND judges’ favourite parts of the hunt so don’t disappoint us this year! (you haven’t yet!) A very nice prize will be rewarded to the team with the best costumes. 


You MUST have a team of 5 sorted before you sign up. Not 4, not 3! 

Once you have your 5: ONE person from your team- write on this event wall. Please include your team name, then tag all members of your team. If they don’t have facebook that’s fine just include their name. 
The cost of the Hunt is 5,000won per person/ 25,000won per team, to be paid the day of the event 

Alright then that’s it! More information to follow re: food and drink specials, prizes, deadlines for teams etc. All you have to do now is get your team set up, on the wall and get thinking of costumes!!

AND GET EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!