The Royal Anchor presents: Out And About In Old Downtown


Saturday, May 19, 2012 - 16:00


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You thought we quit, didn't you? You thought, 'Well I haven't received an annoying long, pun-riddled invitation to some event that's just a thinly veiled excuse to get absolutely wrecked and act like a damn fool in a while. They must have thrown in the towel"' Well, YOU THOUGHT WRONG!! Here it is, the event you've all been waiting for. The Royal Anchor in Ulsan has some how managed to convince the Dong-Hun area government to allow us to drag our debauchery out into the sunlight for all to see. And boy do we have something special for you.

Starting a 4pm, in the park just North of the Anchor, we will have a plethora of treats to tickle your senses.

For the Ears:
- Stache Potato (foreign band)
- Funk U (Korean band)
- Karaoke Dokey (a little of both)

For the Tongue:
- Free beer
- Free sandwiches

For the Eyes:
- Korean/Philipino line dance to Boney M's classic "Sunny"

Then at 7pm, feel free to wander the streets of Old Downtown in a blur, but be sure to stop in at one of the THIRTEEN locations that are having deals of food and drinks.

Then, at 10pm, once you've somewhat regained your senses (e.g. dignity, balance, etc.), come whip them into a frenzy by dancing to the sweet tunes we have lined up for you at the Royal Anchor. Don't worry, you'll be fully supervised by our experience guides:

Bruce Goliath
DJ PeanutButter