Poetry Pluis+42 at Eva's Ticket


Saturday, September 12, 2015 - 19:30


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Poetry Plus+42


7:30pm: Matt Rowe & Friends: “Tunes”

8:00pm: Chris Tharp: “Collarbone Muse”
8:05pm: Steve Feldman, Annabelle Murphy, Travis Beagle: Theater: “English Made Simple” by David ives
8:15pm: Baboucarr Lowe: “Camaraderie”
8:20pm: Josh Yurse: “Poetry”
8:25pm: Shannon Sawicki: A Bawdy Story: “Purity Test”
8:35pm: Sam Hazelton: “Stand up Comedy”
8:40pm: Carlos Williams: “New Poems/New Sketches”
8:45pm: John Bosckay: “Short Friction: Come Again”
8:50pm: Maurice Lineman: “Maeuntang—a mini-opera”
8:55pm: Emily Yoon: “Poems: Ordinary Misfortunates”
9:05pm: John Meyerriecks: “Conclusion: “Blood Contest of Infamy”


9:15pm: John Meyerriecks: “Introduction: Endless Sorrow”
9:20pm: Jared Zehm: Film: “Mini-Films”
9:25pm: Bob Perchan: “Flash Memoir: Mash Note to the DEA”
9:35pm: Kenneth “K” May: words, Robert Coates: guitar, Gordon Bazsali: trumpet, Kurtis Blow: bass, & Sung, EunJi: Dance Improv: “Daisy Pushers”
9:45pm: Sir David Scraggs: “Stand up Comedy”
9:50pm: Jake Charles: “Songs: Two Conversations”
10:00pm: Rob Chrisman & Kelvin Bridgebrass: “Rob from Robscenity & J. Jones”
10:10pm: Chris Tharp: “Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho”

Post Event Jam: 

10:30pm: Matt Rowe, Robert Coates, Chris Nicoloff: “A Purple Haze of Hendrix”

Visual Artists 

George A. Boyle: Photographs: My Morning Calm (Event Photo)
Will Jackson: Photographs of Sri Lanka
Min The Elephant: Illustrations of Us
Nikolas Filer: Concept Illustrations for Expansive Narrative 
Mina Miryanova: Illustrations
Antony Jackson: Visual Art Coordinator & Master of Voodoo.

Jeff Lebow: Media Guy.


*This is a listening event with periodic audience participation. So, be respectful of the artists & folks who are there to experience the performances.

*Come early in order to secure a seat or preferable standing room location. 

*During the event, food will be served in the back areas of the establishment.

*Dating back to November of 2000, Poetry Plus is Busan's first performance art event & helped inspire many of the events & activities which now take place in our fair city on a regular basis.

*Poetry Place is the ancestor of the Wordz Only event which will resume in October of 2015.

*Poetry Plus will take a break after this performance & resume once again in either February 2016 (city to be determined!) or June 2016. Wordz Only will start up again & continue on a regular basis until it's time for another Poetry Plus event.

*Poetry Plus+42 is dedicated to all of the performers who graced the stage in the era from 2000 to 2007.

Thank You Very Much!