Natural Health Expo


Friday, September 21, 2012 - 19:00


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The teachers and staff at Sahmyook Language School in Seomyun would like to cordially invite you to our Health Expo in South Korea.

Come discover your health age, get a free massage, and check your blood pressure. Come for the cooking demonstration on Saturday Afternoon at 16:35 and treat your taste buds to a vegan delight.

Today, most health systems face budget restrictions in the area of preventive medicine, due to the high priority of curative services to meet immediate care needs.

As a result, there are few health professionals working in the area of preventive medicine, leaving others with little time and expertise to educate patients on healthful living.

The Health Expo involves health professionals and non-medical volunteers from the community who are interested in healthful living.

To live a healthy lifestyle, these eight main factors, related to disease prevention and physical, emotional and spiritual health, will prove a benefit for all. These are: nutrition, exercise, water, sun, temperance, air, rest and trust in divine power. Come get a new start on life!

To find us, go to the Seomyun subway terminal, exit from gate 8, then continue straight up the road until you come to the stop light across from D-city. Cross over the street continuing in the same direction, then turn left. You are looking for the HanShin VAN Officetal. Ascend the steps, enter the building on the second floor. Go up the elevator to the 6th floor and enter our school. (Donations to recur food expenses are appreciated)