Monthly Expat Book Exchange Night @ Crossroads


Repeats every month on the first Wednesday until Sun Dec 18 2011 except Wed Nov 02 2011.
Tuesday, September 7, 2010 - 20:30
Wednesday, October 6, 2010 - 20:30
Wednesday, November 3, 2010 - 20:30


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Next Wednesday night from 830 - the 10th monthly book exchange down in Soul Trane - should be a good one, everyone's back in town and there's a whole batch of fresh meat!

This month - pizza is back. It was so popular last time and sold out so quickly we are hoping to make it a regular event. HUGE slices of either bulgogi or veggie for 2000won.

ALSO: drinks offers.....gin and tonics and rum cokes for only 3000, three shots of jaeger or tequila for only 10000.




Re: Monthly book exchange night at Soul Trane

Yeah, Tharp!  Stick it to those fat Westerner's!  Also, they sure as shit shouldn't be complaining about being ridiculed for their body weight, either.  I mean, they moved to Korea for crying out loud, where body image is everything and all of the women are "bangin' hot" and are as skinny as my pinky finger...what do they expect!?

Shallow crassness for the win, huh Tharp?

Re: Monthly book exchange night at Soul Trane

i love people who smoke and read books!  some of my favorite books have been written by smokers who were smoking at the same time they were writing!  some of them even died from it!  however, the evidence in inconclusive as no one has ever conducted a study on the effects of smoking without the inclusion of other uncontrollable variables!  my younger brother has asthma and smokes!  what a nutjob!  he is very tall!  ironically, one of my favorite essays is called 'the smokers' by steve martin-he has never been a smoker!  i suggest anyone giving it a read.  it is hilarious!  "Then all their lips fell off."  see everyone next wednesday!

Re: Monthly book exchange night at Soul Trane

Next book swap night is next weds the 1st Dec at Soul Trane. I suggest a smoking themed evening where we all bring our novels written by smoking authors or involving  a main character who likes a smoke. Hunter S Thompson has to be up there.

free books?-books to give

i realize it is a book swap, but i have loads of books that i would love to give away. most have been ordered from what the book in seoul. can i give them free for the taking at the book swap? if not, does anyone know where i can donate them? i know there is the beautiful store, but i was thinking something along the lines of expats that could use them. crossroads and no name cafe both used to have a take a book leave a book kind of thing, does anything like that currently exist anywhere in town? thanks