Learn Korean Affordably and Easily: --Final-- Recruitment Open!-- --


Tuesday, March 26, 2024 - 15:15


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Our classes are perfect for anyone who wants to learn the Korean language and explore Korean culture.


Experience the Korean language and Korean culture!


Don’t miss this opportunity to prepare for learning a lively conversation in Korean.


It will be a good opportunity to listen to and practice speaking Korean and experience Korean culture through face-to-face classes.



 -Registration : Subject to early closing based on each class capacity.

 -Trial: First class (Decide whether to continue taking classes after the first class)

 -Semester: March ~ (6 months)

 -Class time: Every Sunday afternoon between 14 ~ 18  (The final class schedule will be determined once the class composition is finalized, but generally, 

It takes place every Sunday afternoon.)


--Details  & Enrollment : https://bit.ly/jk-korean2024spplus

--Total Tuition Fee  (Calculated by deducting 1/4 units in proportion to the remaining period.)

-160,000 KRW ( USD 160) for the whole 6 months (~Aug.31)

-Donation receipt available for tax-deductible 


--Inquiry:  https://linktr.ee/contact.jk 


“Why is the tuition so cheap?

The program is run by dedicated semi-professional volunteers.

We rely solely on donations to cover the minimal costs of running the NGO office.


An opportunity to learn Korean culture and language, alongside native speakers, with a low barrier to entry!

Seize the moment and take the plunge!

Don’t hesitate to apply right away for an enriching experience !


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