Korean Independence Day/Leap Day at Ulsan Benchwarmers


Wednesday, February 29, 2012 - 22:00


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Alright guys. Another Korean Red Day is upon us, which means, that's right, NO SCHOOL. Wednesday night we will be throwing a little get together at Bench. Poker will be had for those of you wanting to lose or win a few bucks. Bench burgers will be going for 4,000. Shots of tequila shots AND SAMBUCA will be going 4 for 15,000. ALSO, anyone who closes out a game of cricket on the dartboard will get a free shot of wells whiskey or 151. Your choice :) It would be great to see everyone. Benchwarmers....tomorrow. Love you guys.

-Chris, Andy,& Patrick

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HOW TO GET TO BENCHWARMERS: To get to Benchwamers, just get to Shinae Shigaetop (Downtown Clock Top) and walk one block north(opposite direction from the covered street) and walk a little more than one block west(left) and turn into the little alleyway on the right, just past the Bachaus bar on the corner.