Join and Sing "AFRICAN SANCTUS" with Camarata Music Company

Repeats every 2 days every Monday until Wed Feb 05 2014.
Sunday, January 26, 2014 - 15:00
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Calling all hair-brush and shower singers! The Camarata Music Company is looking for new members to participate in this Spring's singing of David Fanshawe’s AFRICAN SANCTUS! No singing experience is required, just a love of music! Join the largest international choir in Korea and sing a composition that is authentically written by the composer, who travelled down the Nile River by canoe in the 1970’s, video and audio taping indigenous African tribes performing their traditional music. Juxtaposing a Latin Mass with the harmonizations of traditional African music recorded on those journeys...Elements of the concert will include choir, children’s choir, audiotape and video of the indigenous tribes played simultaneously, African percussion, rock band, ethnic dancing, and piano, with gospel solo.

If interested, join the Sing "AFRICAN SANCTUS," Facebook Page for more information!