Jjimjilbang X Exit - Party streamed and uploaded online!


Saturday, December 21, 2013 - 23:00


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Being unique to other events, we will provide a free show with curated music streamed live to the world. Your friends can watch from home, around the world, tune in or listen to something different. Dance away, have fun and have it online for everyone to see!

Welcome to Korea's leading underground music show. 
RSVP on the link and on Facebook: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1NvLJuehA4viQJRqyNY-ac3WzfFLQGN2ARw2_N9XJgE4/viewform

1. If you RSVP and show up, you will be guarenteed entrance into our next event. 
2. RSVPed guests get a rundown of the venue details, locations, drink prices, and set times via text. 
3. If you RSVP but do not show up, we cannot guarentee you entrace for all future events. 

Get a peek into Seoul's underground music scenes as we stream an unconventional DJ set live.

We'll be visiting various venues in Korea, starting with Bar Exit with ASKANSE. 

At Bar EXIT:
Cheap drinks
No dress code
Free entrance
Capacity: ~ 150 people

This is our launch party and everyone is welcome! However, there will be invite-only events in the future limited by the venue's capacity. Follow our guidelines for a guarenteed entrance.