Jeonju-North Jeolla Regional Conference KOTESOL Conference


Saturday, May 29, 2010 - 11:30


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The Jeonju-North Jeolla Chapter of KOTESOL is holding its 2010 Regional Conference at the newly refurbished Geun Young High School English Center. Featuring: - 24 useful, practical and interesting presentations and workshops that will help you be a better teacher and save you time in the classroom. - Special workshops focused on Young Learners and Extensive Reading. - National- and International-quality speakers with a wealth of experience to share. Visit for the most up to date details. Save money by Pre-Registering here: Get detailed directions here: The Schedule: 11.30 - Doors Open. Browse the publisher stands and see what's new. 12.30 - Opening Ceremony 12.45 - Scott Miles - Critical (but too often missing) conditions for long-term language acquisition 1.45 Concurrent Session 1 • Young Learners & Teens Featured Speaker: Jennifer Young - Beyond the Book: Activities for the Young Learner Classroom • Extensive Reading Featured Speaker: Rocky Nelson - Extensive Reading for Korean Students of English • Cambrige ESOL: Sue Yim - Classroom Management • David Kim - Korea TESOL: Past, Present, Future • Sheema Doshi, Using Video Effectively in the Korean Classroom • John Wendel - Thinking Big Picture; an Objectives Driven Classroom 2.45 Concurrent Session 2 • Young Learners & Teens Featured Speaker: Aaron Jolly - Setting up an Extensive Reading Program for Young Learners • Extensive Reading Featured Speaker: Young Min Park - Setting up Extensive Reading at a public school: Get Your Horse to Drink • EduCherry: Hee-Jin Kim - Criterion: A New Technological Writing Solution Developed by ETS • Russell Bernstein - Making your Experience in Korea Easier, Safer and Better: What ATEK is and how you can join • Jung-Hee Cho - Effective Ways of Operating an English Center • Maria Pinto - Assessing Speaking Skills 3.45 Concurrent Session 3 • Young Learners & Teens Featured Speaker: Mike Misner - Storytelling: Theoretical Background and Practical Activities • Extensive Reading Featured Speakers: Scott Miles & Aaron Jolly - Extensive Reading and Assessment: Did the Students Really Read? • Cambrige ESOL: James Forrest - The 'new' Cambridge Exam for Teachers: The TKT • David Van Minnen - Making the most of Jeonju: professionally and personally • Hyunok Oh - Use of Dialogues and Role Play for Developing Speaking Skills (for Young Learners) 4.45 Concurrent Session 4 • KyoungHwa Lee - Using Practical Materials in the Elementary School Classroom • Peadar Callaghan - Comics in the Classroom • Nancy Jo Marcet - Tricks of the Trade for Sentence Building • Oxford University Press: Jessica Magnusson - Exploring the World in English through Non-fiction Readers • Gerald de la Salle - Classroom Rotation Games in the EFL Classroom. • Ho-Jung Yu - Error Correction Logs as a Pedagogical Approach for Error Correction in L2 Writing 5.30 - Closing Ceremony and Prize Draw 6.30 - VIP Dinner 8.30 - Charity Trivia at Radio Star. Come along and test your brain. Teams randomly selected and all money goes to support Esther Park. Read about her at