Introduce JIn Hae


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From now on I'll introduce you to jin-hae naval city. Jin-hae short answer for a Jin-hae the country as the cradle of naval navy blue city and tourist resort city with beautiful scenery can be said. The flowers symbolize the city as a beotkkotin cherry and beautifully decorated all over the city and entering the next ten days in April will be held during the Cherry Blossom gunhangje Jane axis. Then a representative of the cherry blossoms will introduce the most beautiful places to see.


First, the romance is a bridge called the Bridge yeojwacheon. Drama romance 'listed in the famous, if that's where the city four months coming up with a whole wave of cherry blossoms in Jinhae, one of the best cherry blossom tunnel is being formed. Cherry blossoms along the leg stretches a long walk, the way her lover's hand in marriage to Chas. Believe it or lovers and you can see, it would be great to walk along.


And a good place to see cherry blossoms and cherry trees have one that is gyeonghwayeok. Gyeonghwa-dong, a small station on the task has not since 2006. Castle jin-hae yeok ministry and the spread between the railroad tracks located in the tunnel, made of cherry blossoms, anmin he is famous with many yeojwacheon legs. Gradual increase of tourists in 2009, only a temporary period of gunhangje cherry train station, all trains were often slow down to drive the tourists to enjoy the cherry blossoms are romantic.


Next, introduce Jin-hae Taebaek dong, Changwon, where the bridging anmindong is anmingogae. Jangboksan anmingogae of the mountainside, the mountain pass in the length is approximately 9 ㎞. A. tamarense in the observatory, as well as scattered mountain pass and look down at jin-hae City ungsan - sirubong - cheonjabong sanjulgi and the scenery is spread siwonseureopge. Cherry trees on both sides of the road have a fantastic cherry blossom cherry trees bloom here you can see the tunnel. And walking along the road is made of wood floors and an octagonal pavilion with benches and walkways are installed all over the place with the family or lover is a great place for a stroll.


Ocean Park is a place to introduce the next Jin-hae. Jin-hae Marine Park is also a small island full of ups joseonghan Park bridge is connected to the mainland via a bridge. The area of the park is very large warship exhibition, haejeonsa hall, marine theme park is divided into. Museum ship the 2500t class was actually placed in the Korea War, Kangwon hatched hameul to accept. Experience and naval battle-related experience place using a high-tech facilities have, marine parks and marine life exhibits activity room, video room, planning exhibition is composed of. If a family weekend, kids in particular seem to like it.


Finally, introduce the place is now yongchupokpo. Yulhyeonsan flowing in the valley is also known as the yongchupokpo acceptable rock waterfall. Yulhyeonsan gulamsangwa water in the valley to join the huge spectacular waterfall in a vertical display. This waterfall features three strands is not falling apart, the waterfall in the drop-off point can not measure the water depth is known as the deep malgi. The three strands of information associated with a stream of 'choice, Dongguk seungram' must also have written.