International Artists Community Presents: ‘The Nude Collection’


Saturday, March 3, 2012 - 17:00


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An International Artists Community group exhibition

March 3rd-14th 2012

Gallery Golmok

Opening Reception Saturday March 3rd 5pm-late

Musical Performance by: The Dirty 30’s
Video Performance by: Tiger and Bear

Gallery Golmok, Itaewon, Seoul 34-23 02-792-2960

In art, the unclothed human form has been a common subject for ages. We work from the nude figure because of its natural beauty, which the human mind has been programed through evolution by natural selection to find appealing.

We work from the nude figure because it is (in our opinion) possibly the most complex object to study from. It is constantly in a state of motion and it can provide a nearly infinite number of possible images as the model and/or artist move in relation to each other.

We work from the nude figure because it is possibly the greatest scale with which to measure and challenge our technical skills.

This collection of images by artists from over ten countries demonstrates the great variety of ways in which this most natural of forms can be depicted.

From Noksapyeong Station:  Go out Exit 3 of Noksapyeong Station. Walk straight to the pedestrian crossing (toward Itaewon). Once you’ve crossed the street, keep going straight. You’ll see a lane on your right (if you reach McDonald’s you’ve gone too far). Go up the lane about 20m. Gallery Golmok is on the right.

From Itaewon Station:  Go out Exit 4 of Itaewon Station. Keep going straight until you pass McDonald’s and Rotiboy. You’ll see an alley on your left. Go up the alley about 20m. Gallery Golmok is on the right. Alternately, veer left down the alley next to Suji’s Restaurant and Kwon’s Engraving, and proceed to the yellow and pink buildings.