*HQ BAR KSU's 2nd Annual EPIK Newbie Mixer!!*


Wednesday, February 29, 2012 - 18:30


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NYONG, Busan Newbies!

So you've almost finished your gruelling, class-attending, curfew-filled orientation. Congrats- Now it's time to PARTY LIKE A BUSANITE!!

HQ Bar Ksu would like to welcome all of you fresh faces to one of your first nights out in the Big Bad Bu with their second annual EPIK Newbie Mixer:) 

Now that you're in your apartments or Looove Motels and settled into your areas of town, come on down to Kyungsung (for most of you, your new home away from home...away from home) for some good ol' fashion mixing. This is a great opportunity to meet up with the folks from your orientation and discuss your placements, vent about your miniature apartments and get those Facebook contacts that you were too busy to grab during training.

As well- there will be some Oldies mixed in with the pack for any words of wisdom / subway directions you require or to ask the millions of questions about life in Korea that you may have:)

After mixing, chatting and getting our drink on, we’ll be heading to one of the greatest Busan traditions~ Mike Edmund’s Wednesday Open Mic Night at Oll ’55 bar. This city has some of the sickest music in Korea and it all starts at Open Mic on Wednesdays!!

SO~ Head on down to HQ Bar Ksu (directions at the bottom) next Wednesday night and mix-it-up with your new buddies and meet some awesome oldies!! The next day’s a day off in case you weren’t aware~ Gotta love those Korean National Holidays!! 


BBQ Pulled Pork Dinner with Fries: 7,000 won

Curry Chicken with Bread and Corn Dinner: 7,000 won


Budweiser & Cafri: 3 for 10,000 won

Hoegaarden: 4,000 won


Subway to Kyungsung University stop, Exit 3. Walk straight out of the exit, past Starbucks and Hands Coffee. Take your first right. Go Straight past the next corner (with the 7/11 on it). Just past the corner, before you get to the Family Mart, HQ will be on your right hand side, 3rd floor. 

See you there!!


Location: Kyungsung Subway stop (Line 2, Stop 212). Come out of exit 1, turn around and after 20 meters, take your first left. Walk a block and a half down and HQ will be on your right (3rd floor) Google Map