Halloween Party at Pulse


Saturday, October 27, 2012 - 22:00


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If you aren't going to head over to Uniq's stripper show, the Meet Market's Halloween Party, or Circuit's Halloween party, you could head to Pulse to get your dance on. Their poster is creepier than getting hit on by a drunk ajjushi in a bathroom in Jongno.

As you can see, their advertisement is in English. I find this interesting as the vast majority of their customers are Korean; then again, using English is perceived as fashionable and trendy. Which makes it even more a pity they spelt Itaewon incorrectly.

To get to Pulse, walk straight from exit 3 of Itaewon station (이태원) and walk straight. You'll see a big Pulse sign in an enclave on your right. If you hit Mr. Kebab you have walked too far. Coming from Homo Hill, walk down the hill, take a right at the T and then a left on Itaewon Road (the one that cuts right down the center.) Pulse will be on your left after Mr. Kebab.