Ha Ha Hole (Open Mic Comedy Night) @ Soul Trane


Friday, July 1, 2011 - 22:00


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Dust yourselves off kids! The Danny Cho show was off the charts, and now we gotta turn around and do THE HA-HA HOLE once more.

This Friday is July 1st, which I've been told is Canada Day, that one day of the year when Canadians can proudly celebrate the fact they are kind of sort of not really independent from Britain. Hoo-ray! Long live backbacon!

This is a special HOLE, a sad HOLE, in that it's co-founder ROY EARLY's final mike in Korea. That's right, he's leaving the peinsula to go live with his wife and daughter in the happy, sunny environs of industrial Northern England!!! Let's send him off in true HOLE style.

Sign-up is at 9:30 sharp!!! First come first slots!!

Hosted by the biggest ham sandwich in Busan, CHRIS THARP!!!!


is chris tharp really the biggestt ham sandwich in busan?

the biggest ham sandwich in busan, chris tharp? biggest and greates, that is definitely true.  who is the biggest gimbop?  i say sir david the greek.  he is, like, king of the gimbops with tahini dressing!  is it true that this ha-ha hole will be roy early's last?  that guy is married and going to england?  that is crazy.  when did he get married?  i bet a lot of ladies were saddened when they found out he was taken.  tharp may be the biggest ham sandwich in busan, but that roy early is a love macheen like no other from what i have heard around town.  he is pretty entertaining on stage, too.  in many ways i consider him the sam hazelton of comedy.  mark us for four seats tonight at the ha-ha hole.  i would not want to miss it for the world.  can i put in a request that at least fifty percent of the comics wear deodorant and/or clean underwear for tonight's show?  it does not matter if they are crotchless, crocheted,  or wool, as long as they keep things covered for once