The Ha-Ha Hole: Korea's Funniest Comedy Open Mic


Friday, February 4, 2011 - 22:00

Can it be?  Is it possible?  Yes, it is that time of the mouth again!  

The Ha-Ha Hole opens wide and offers you some original stand-up comedy on Friday, February 4, 2011 at 10:00p.m.

This comedy open mic is open to any and all performers.  First timers encourage to come bust that cherry on the best looking comedy audience in South Korea.  Tell a funny story, read a funny poem, be self depreciating about that tattoo from spring break '03, you can even make fun of the other performers, but come!  Be funny!

Where?  Why, the same place as always: Soultrane in PNU.  Some call it Amtrak, some call it The Train, but you can find it just below Crossroads.

Word on the street, and believe you me, Leon Phelps was raised there and occasionally still sleeps there and he has been spreading the word that Friday show will be a special one.

Come celebrate the start of the year and lift a glass to the day after the Day the Music Died!

Several out of town guests penciled The Ha-Ha Hole into their planners under the heading 'First Awesome Show of the Motherhu&%$#n Lunar New Year.'

Also scheduled to appear:

Matt 'No You Cannot Have My Phone Number..Again' Caldwell in his farewell appearance in Korea.  Apparently he is going to law school or is getting his medical license reinstated.  

David 'I Already Lent You a Million Won Last Year' Scraggs

Jason 'Frankie Muniz' Wiener

'Angry Steve'

Chris 'Who is Leon Phelps?'  Tharp

(Samuel Bibby is on a religious retreat with Brian Aylward, so neither will be performing).

Josh 'I Gave Hazelpound the Gas' Idaho**

Emma 'What Do You Mean There is No Smoking in the Toilet'  Kim

Hosted by Roy 'I Didn't Use That Cheese Grater' Early

Just to name a few*...

For those interested in performing sign-up will begin at 9:30p.m.

*as usual, buy a round of shots for the comics and they will match you

**not to be confused with any one of a similar name or mental disposition who has or has not been accused or acquitted of (an) offense(s) relating to performance or payment for adult services rendered in the state of Nevada


Re: The Ha-Ha Hole: Korea's Funniest Comedy Open Mic

Nice try there, Sam.  Why did you give me the last name of my home state.  Be there for sure, especially if Crab eyes! is going to buy newcomers a drink.  Looking forward to the show tonight.  Cannot wait to see you and that Bibblietein guy hop onto the stage like a Chinese rabbit at a New Year's dumpling buffett!  I am on your side!