The Ha Ha Hole Comedy Open Mic-slimmest & sexiest comedy in Korea


Friday, October 1, 2010 - 22:00


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It is that time of month again!  Faster than you can say CRAB EYES, the Ha Ha Hole* is serving sexy people live comedy with a smile.  Brought to you by you!  The action starts at Soul Trane in PNU at 10:00-10:15p.m on Friday night October 1.  Last month's show was a real riot with about ten people gracing the Ha Ha and bringing the funny.  The house was packed with mostly beautiful people who all had a great time!  One amazing comdian even bought a shot for everyone after the show.  One just never knows what hijinks will ensue once you enter the dark cavern that is THE HA HA HOLE-

Any and all acts are encouraged and welcome to perform: 

Read a funny joke!

Read a dirty poem!

Dance with a funny tattoo!

Make out with the director of your school-sober!

Share your Jared Leto in prison impersonation (or so called)!

The only stipulation is you must try and try and make the audience laugh. (pants on or pants off, really)

No gurantees, but there is great hope that Friday's show will feature repeat performances of the Great Guzzler Gus, Murph the War Veteran and One Joke Dave and the Jiggly Clubbing Chubby Twins.  Comedy lovers can only hope for the best!!! 

See you at 10:00p.m Friday night in PNU downstairs in the Soul Trane

*this show will not be hosted by anyone who has ever shared a sauna with Dave Attell



Re: The Ha Ha Hole Comedy Open Mic-slimmest & sexiest comedy ...

Really looking forward to tonight's show.  I think it is fantastic that there is stand-up comedy in Busan.  I have only been the past couple of times, but it seems that everyone has a great time at the shows.  Not sure who is 'slimmer and sexiest,' though.  It is a toss up between that Bibbert guy and that one joke guy.  My girlfriend loved them both.  Give us another good job tonight Ha Ha gang.  Yeah, CRAB EYES to the max!