European Christmas Market 2012


Friday, November 30, 2012 - 12:00


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European Christmas Market 
Seongbuk Global Village Center will hold the European Christmas Market to introduce European Christmas cultures, so please come to our festival and enjoy various unique events.
Event Outline
○ Name : European Christmas Market
○ Date and Time : Friday,Nov.30 ~ Saturday,Dec.1 12pm to 8pm
※ Opening Ceremony : Friday Nov. 30 2012, 5pm
○ Venue : Seongbuk Fountain Square (Hansung Univ. Station Exit #2)
○ No Entrance Free Required
○ Events
▷ European Christmas Food
▷ European Christmas Decorations 
▷ Christmas Carol and European Popular Music Performances 
▷ Writing a letter to Santa Claus 
- Write a letter and put it in a mailbox
(receive Santa's reply around Christmas)
▷ Raffel tickets Event
- Tickets are sold for 1,000won by German school students 
- Various gifts are offered by European Global Companies 
- Free tasting coupons are offered by food booths 
- Free meal coupons are offered by an Italy restaurant 
- European Christmas Decorations, etc.
▷ Gingerbread House Auction
- A fairy tale Cookie house is on auction
- Made and hosted by Grand Hilton Hotel 
○ Host : Seongbuk Global Village Center
○ Sponsor : Embassies of Germany, Swiss, The Netherlands
○ Contact : 02-920-3462~4. [email protected]
○ Subway : Subway line#4 Hansung Univ. Station Exit #2
○ B u s : 5-minutes' walk from Hansung Univ. bus stop 
151,160,162,171,172,272,273,710,마을버스 01,02,03)