EFL Materials Exchange @ Beaver Used Books (Seongnam)


Saturday, November 10, 2012 - 13:00


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Beaver Used Books in Yatap, Bundang, is hosting its first ever EFL materials exchange on Saturday, November 10 from 1PM to 4PM. 

For this exchange, any materials or items that can be used or have been used in language education are welcome ranging from CDs to flashcards to textbooks and pictures. Even though you may work at schools or institutes where materials are provided, please keep in mind that these days, even simple English novels can be used in language classes. Books and materials on teaching t

heories, experiences, insights and ideas are also welcome. Please limit the materials to those designed for English-language learning; not other languages.

If you do not have anything to exchange for this particular event, please come any way as you may have a chance to meet other people in your profession and you can also browse our own selections.

We are located about 10 minutes away from Yatap Subway Station on foot. Detailed directions in Korean and English as well as photos of the area are available on our blog at this link: