Critical Mass Busan 부산 크리티컬매스: Come see Cycling Santa! 산타가 자전거타고


Sunday, December 18, 2016 - 14:30


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산타가 되어 부산시내를 함께 누벼봅시다!!! 썰매가 아닌 자전거로요!!!
[English version below]

함께 하실 분은 여기여기 모이세요! 
출발장소: 대연동 부경대 정문
시간: 오후2:30

끝나고 식사 담화!

Santa Claus is cycling to town!

Come glide around the city circuit: enjoy the safety in numbers that the group provides when you ride the road in style. Dress warm! Santa costume hat or seasonal red & green clothes an optional bonus. 

Post-ride events include an optional cool-down stretch session, and a shared meal nearby.