CoWeekend Space Event in Gwangalli


Saturday, February 21, 2015 - 19:45


Event Type: 

CoWeekend Space Event

All day social event where coders and designers can come together and share some space. All levels welcomed. Bring your own weapons of choice. (Weapons = coding preferences/software/laptop/etc)

During that time you can work on your own projects, learn with other people, build a demo to showcase, or anything related to web design and development. (Photographers and other kinds of artists working on projects digitally are welcomed as well)

Lunch will be provided and free coffee. 

Random games will be set up when you want to take a break. 

In the evening we play: organize your own dinner outing (order in or go out), BYOB (Bring your own Beer/Wine/Soju/etc), relax and socialize. 

BC wants to organize a unique and fun way to network with people, work in a social environment, and have fun in the process. This concept is very popular back in the states and all over the world so it would be nice to bring it Busan. It can be difficult to work by yourelf and sometimes it's nice to work among other artists in a social setting. It can also motivate you to finish that project you've been trying to get done. Whatever your reasons, this event offers a different approach to getting stuff done.

Cost of the event: KRW15,000

Join our facebook event: here

Event location: The Wendy House Busan

We are Busan Coders, a group focusing on web dev and design.