Christmas Gift Drive for Soyang Orphanage @ HQ Kyungsung


Friday, December 14, 2012 - 20:00


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Hey everyone!

So it's that time of year again, when everyone gets into the Christmas spirit and celebrates all of the wonderful things life has bestowed upon us. What better way is there to do this, than to give a little back?

This year Busan Volunteer will be hosting a Christmas gift drive for Soyang orphanage. The orphanage is located on Yeongdae Mountain in Gadeok Island, Busan. 

This orphanage has more than 90 kids, so we are organising a Christmas gift drive, so they will each have something special to wake up to on Christmas morning. 

How can you get involved?
Put your name beside the kid that you would like to buy for, label your gift with the list number, gender and age and drop it off at one of the designated locations and it's done! Here's the document!

There will be boxes for donations of gifts at the following locations, from Wednesday November 21st:

HQ (Jangsan and KSU)
Fully Booked (KSU)
Sharkys (Gwangan and Haeundae)
The Wolfhound (Haeundae)

Second, there will be a trivia night in HQ KSU (4th floor). 
This will be Friday December 14th beginning at 10pm sharp. There will be a range of prizes (details to follow) and the opportunity to donate to cash and gift donation boxes.

We will finish collecting by the 16th of December, so get your gift in early!

The Gifts

In the interest of fairness to the kids, gifts should fall under 20,000 won so each gift is equal in value!

When buying presents, please note: The middle school and high school kids aren't allowed to wear make-up at school, so they like skin care products (washes, moisturisers, etc.), the boys too. It's okay to give make-up to 3rd grade high school (because they're now finished with their college entrance exam) or college girls. 

Thanks so much, let's make this a big success for such a worthy cause!

Busan Volunteer