Christmas Bandfest Fundraiser for Busan Orphanages at Eva's Ticket


Saturday, December 13, 2014 - 22:00


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Hey Busan! What are you doin' December 13th? 
CANCEL ALL OF YOUR PLANS! Dust off your dancing shoes, and get ready to party!

Eva's Ticket will play host to one of the biggest music nights of the year. We bring you not one, not two, not even three amazing bands, but FOUR! This year, along with a Christmas gift drive, we are trying to raise as much money as possible for a very special cause. 
We will be selling millions of raffle tickets, with all of the proceeds raised going to 3 orphanages all around Busan.

At 12:30, we will draw tickets so you guys can win some fabulous prizes, while giving money to a well deserving charity. Here are some of the awesome prizes you could win. Plenty more to come, folks! 

*Jameson bottle service at Eva's Ticket
*40,000w voucher for HQ KSU
*40,000w voucher for HQ Gwangan
*Dinner voucher for 2 @ Sharkys
*30,000w voucher for The Wolfhound
*30,000w voucher for Table Talk English Cafe

Who are these bands, you ask?????. 

Free Range Coffee Weasels
Long, long ago, 5 friends decided that instead of just drinking all the time, they could drink all the time AND play music. And the rest is history. Come out and dance your tooshies off to the sounds of old rock, new rock and pop rock with Busan’s favourite Free Range Coffee Weasels

The Pyramid Scheme
The first of our Ulsan visiting bands of the evening, Pyramid Scheme is back in the Bu to provide your ears with music and your feet with rhythm. This 4 piece band will keep you on the dance floor with music from all genres.

The Elsewheres
Pummeling the competition in this year’s Battle of the Bands Busan at the Basement, PNU, The Elsewheres are a totally kickass funk-rock band from Ulsan. If you don’t bring your dancing shoes to see them you are seriously missing out. Get ready to DANCE, Busan. 

The Positions
Led by well-known Busanite Mike Edmunds, The Positions have been rockin' out in the city for several years. With a mix of creatively crafted covers and amazing originals, they never fail to impress a crowd with their awesome sound.

Come out, be merry and dance your fricking tails off!