BusanDaytrippers Midnight Mountain Hike and Ocean Sunrise Extravaganza


Friday, May 20, 2011 - 20:30

For more information and to become a daytripper and RSVP for this event please go to [email protected].

From the Daytrippers Facebook page for this event (http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=224445940903994):

"This is going to be unforgettable.

At 10:30PM we will leave Nampodong Subway Station (line 1) exit 6 by bus and take a short trip to the Jeolyeong Seashore trail. After walking there for a bit we will climb Bongnaesan (takes about two hours with lots of breaks) and traverse the ridge of the mountain from the Northern peak (where a female wizard is believed to reside), across the central peak, and finally arrive at the southern peak, which offers an incredible view of the city, the harbor, and the ocean. There we will wait, chatting and snacking and enjoying beverages, until the sunrise at around 5AM. After the sunrise we will carefully descend the mountain to find somewhere to eat breakfast.

Weather conditions will need to be pretty much ideal for us to pull this off so check [the facebook page] on Friday morning for a status report.

You will need: snacks and beverages of your choice, a couple liters of water, a good headlamp or flashlight, a back-up headlamp or flashlight, extra batteries for both, sleeping gear (a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, blanket, hammock, sleeping bag, futon), warm wind-proof clothes, good hiking shoes, and anything else you think you can carry. I will have a small cooker to heat water and some instant coffee pouches. BYO H20.

Please arrive on time as the bus will quit at some point and I am worried about missing it. The climb itself isn't that difficult and we will be able to take lots of breaks and enjoy the climb. There is a full moon on Tuesday so if it is clear we might have some moonshine to help us see. It could be windy at the top so bring some warm clothes to bundle up in. We should be able to find somewhere to get out of the wind. Please contact me with any questions.

Thanks to Charles for this great idea."