Busan Board Game Club meetup at Chess in PNU


Saturday, March 26, 2011 - 18:00


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The Busan Boardgame Club is meeting in PNU, at Chess, on Sunday, March 26th.  We are going to meet at 6pm for board game action, with dinner and drinks to follow if people want to keep the fun going.

Since we play board games we're clearly nerds, so here's a FAQ...

Q:  What's the Busan Boardgame Club? 

A:  It's a group of westerners and Koreans that meet weekly/bi-weekly to hang out, talk, and play board games.  We've been meeting for over a year, though the participants come and go.  New blood is always welcome.

Q:  Boardgames?  You mean, like Monopoly?

A:  Well, Chess certainly has a copy of Monopoly, as well as a number of the board games most of us (westerners) grew up with.  The also have eurogames like Puerto Rico ( http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/3076/puerto-rico ), card games like Dominion, war games like Axis and Allies, and other games like Settlers, Carcassone, and strategy heavy games.  There is something for everyone.  Don't worry if you've only played the standards, I hadn't played any of the more involved games 18 months ago, and I even occasionally win.

Q:  What's Chess?

A:  Chess is a board game room/bang in PNU area.

Q:  Where's Chess?

A:  At the PNU subway station come out exit one and walk straight.  Up the pedestrian street you should see McDonalds on the left on the first block.  On the next block you'll see Kebabistan (Under new management and again the best Turkish/kabob restaurant in Busan.) on your left and Taj Mahal (look up its on the second story) on your right.  Go up another block and Chess is at the end of the block on the right.  Just head up the stairs and look for the waegs.

Q:  What's a board game room/bang?

A:  You know what a noreabang is?  Well, instead of a room where you sing, it's a room where you play boardgames.  They have loads of board games you can play, and you only pay a dollar or two an hour.  As far as we know Chess is the last board game bang in Busan.  Mmm, alliteration.

Q:  What's happening after?

A:  Like I said above, dinner and drinks if you're interested.  There are a number of restaurants and bars in the immediate area so it's an easy transition from board games to eats and drinks.

Q:  Is it fun?

A:  Yes, it's a good time.  I promise, and you can trust me, a random guy posting on the internet.


PM if you have any questions.  Feel free just to show up at 1pm if you're interested.