Allive Battle of the Bands @ Vinyl + HQ Dinner Special


Saturday, November 17, 2012 - 21:00


Event Type:

The Allive Battle of the Bands is back at Vinyl Underground in Busan. This year, bands from all over Korea will converge in Busan for a month of celebrating all styles of music!

The rules are simple: Every week showcases 4 new bands. Each band gets 25 minutes and must perform at least two original songs. A simple ballot system determines the winner each night and the 3 winners plus a Wild Card band will perform at the finals, December 8th.

The first heat features bands from Daegu, Seoul and Busan. Check 'em out!

BJJ - Daegu
Stoned - Busan
The Rub - Seoul
Damagia - Busan

As always, there will be great door prizes for all the fans given out throughout the night. Also, HQ Bar-KSU will be offering 5,000 won dinners for concert goers... keep on reading for details!

Band Bio's:

“B.J.J" is a Daegu-Based Rock Band, which has 6 members who always want to "Rock the Soul" of the audience by their vibrant and out-going music. This band is made in Daegu in November 2010, has been performing in Clubs and outside stages all around Daegu and Korea(KNU, Andong Univ, Sangsang Madang, Club Urban, Club Horus, Sugar-Joe's,Club Live IN-D, Color Square, Daegu Stadium...), and is making its first album based on the theme of "Feeling and Passion".

hi, this is a band named 'STONED'.
we are performing a lot of shows in busan and other cities.
we usually play loud punk rock music.
you can find about 'STONED' on facebook page (

The Rub:
Cousins Ursula Burgess and Colin Maheu started The Rub as an ambitious and undertrained three piece in October of 2011. They played their first gig at 1 in the goddamn afternoon in Haebangchon. Since then, they have grown into a much tighter and even better looking four piece.

1. band biography
Damagia is a South Korean band which was formed in Apr. 2012.
We are trio, which members are following :
- Yuwan (유완), guitar and vocals
- Tae Min (태민), keyboard and vocals
- Killy (낄리), drums
The style of music we seek is near to industrial metal, but we want to experiment that mixes every other genre we want to do, and make our own style of music.
Awards and notable shows :
- 2012 .7 First prize at "Busan Sasang-gu riverside festival"
- 2012 .8 "Busan International Rock Festival" rookie stage
- 2012 .8 "2012 Busan Zero Festival"
- 2012 .8 Second prize at "Eden Valley band contest"
- 2012 .8 Second prize at "Busan KRA rock festival"
- 2012 .8 Third prize at "2012 Busan Sunset Live"
- 2012. 9 Daegu Young-nam University "YU rock festival"

All these bands are top notch specimens of Korean Rock... there could be no better lineup to kick off the festival this year.


So what does it take to witness this sweetness in person? Only 10,000 won... but look at what you get:
-Entry into the show
-1 free drink
-1 vote for your favorite band of the evening
-Many chances to win a door prize from local businesses
-True satisfaction in knowing you are seeing the best of the best of Korean live music while helping it get even better.

Also, anybody who buys a ticket at HQ-KSU the night of the show can get a 5,000 won big-ass dinner. Tom, wizard of KSU, has made his famous Texas pulled-pork BBQ... and he'll pile far too many fries than you need on the plate too. All you have to do is buy a ticket at HQ KSU the night of the show (6-10pm). Please note, there are only 40 meals available so get there early!

The deal is: 15,000 won for dinner, a drink and a whole night of live music. Can't beat it! 

See you there!