8th Hurshimchung Brau Oktoberfest @ Hotel Nongshim


Friday, September 14, 2012 - 17:00


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Hotel Nongshim is hosting an Oktoberfest event from Sept. 14 to 20. The hotel hopes to draw many foreign participants to this special, German-themed festival.



Hotel Nongshim will host a festival in the theme of Oktoberfest at its traditional German beer hall, Hurshimchung Brau, from Sept. 14 to 20.


The hotel uses brewing technology produced by Germany’s Schultz and imports malt from Germany. Even the brew master at the hotel’s venue has learned traditional brewing and serving methods in Germany and is an expert at serving traditional German beer.


Organizers aim to simulate the atmosphere of the festival in Germany with live group bands, Germany dance, accordion performances, character acting and more. Games such as drinking contests and limbo are expected to add to the fun and offer great prizes. A gift lottery will also be held twice a day, with prices such as free hotel stays on offer. In the game zone, there will be a Germany map game, a prize wheel and a photo zone for all to enjoy.


Important German figures and foreign residents of Busan are expected to participate in the event, which is sponsored by the Honorary German Consulate, the Goethe Institut and the European Union Chamber of Commerce in Korea.


A 10,000 won ($9) ticket buys one 500-cc beer mug and one glass of brewed beer. Those who purchase the festival cup can enjoy brewed beer at 3,000 won per glass. (Production cost is 5,450 won per glass.)

“As it is a traditional German beer festival taking place in Busan, we hope many foreigners will come and enjoy,” a staff member from Hotel Nongshim said.


* Information: Hurshimchung Brau (051-550-2345)


제8회 허심청브로이 옥토버페스트

부산에서 유일하게 즐길 수 있는 옥토버페스트가 정통독일맥주전문점 허심청브로이에서 개최됩니다. 국내 최고의 아코디언 연주자 알렉산더 쉐킨의 연주, 독일민속춤, 캐릭터 공연 등이 펼쳐지며 맥주 빨리 마시기 대회, 경품추첨 등을 통해 호텔 숙박권 등 푸짐한 상품이 제공됩니다.(사회 : 안드류 밀라드 /KBS 1박 2일 출연) 입장권 티켓(1만원)을 구입하면 축제용 500cc 맥주 머그컵과 제조맥주 한 잔이 제공되며, 추가 맥주를 3000원에 즐길 수 있습니다.
기간 : 2012년 9월 14일(금) ~ 20일(목)
특별후원 : 독일명예영사관, 독일문화원, 유럽연합상공회의소