2014 KOTESOL-KAFLE International Conference (This Weekend)


Repeats every day until Sun Oct 05 2014.
Saturday, October 4, 2014 - 09:00
Sunday, October 5, 2014 - 09:00


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2014 KOTESOL-KAFLE International Conference

"Embracing Change: Blazing New Frontiers
through Language Teaching"

October 3-5, 2014
COEX, Seoul, South Korea

* All new location in the swanky COEX Exhibition center in Gangnam, Seoul
* Big name plenary and invited speakers
* Many other great presentations and workshops to choose from
* A celebration of World Teachers Day (Sun. 5th Oct)
* Mingle and network with up to 2000 other professionals
* Seek out new contacts and job opportunities


Click here for more information: http://www.koreatesol.org/IC2014


Michael Long - Plenary SpeakerMichael Long
University of Maryland
Interaction, creativity, and acquisition in the L2 classroom
Michael Long, Center for Advanced Study of Language
Scott Thornbury - Plenary SpeakerScott Thornbury
The New School
Embracing change – One step at a time
 IC2014 Plenary Preview Video
Ahmar Mahboob - Plenary SpeakerAhmar Mahboob 
University of Sydney 
Understanding language variation for language teaching
David Hayes - Plenary SpeakerDavid Hayes
Brock University 
Innovation and creativity in English language teacher education
David Hayes, Department of Applied Linguistics


  • Angel Lin:   University of Hong Kong     
       Young learners as content-creators: New media in TESOL
       Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL): A new trend for TESOL?
  • Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto    IATEFL YLT-SIG
       Recycling, reinforcing, and building on new language for young learners
  • Herbert Puchta    IATEFL YLT-SIG   
       Developing critical thinking skills with young learners and teens
  • Joe Dale    IATEFL YLT-SIG   
       Combining hardware, software, and mobile technologies to support classroom interaction, participation, distance learning, and success: What really happens!
  • Kalyan Chattopadhyay    IATEFL YLT-SIG      
       Assessing speaking of young learners and teens: Revisiting principles and tasks
  • Dan Evans    Saint Michael's College     
       The “front tier” of pronunciation: A right-side-up approach
  • Carolyn Westbrook    Southhampton Solent University     
       A practical approach to critical thinking
  • Fiona Copland    Aston University     
       Changing the debate: Challenges young learner teachers face
  • Gabriel Diaz Maggioli    The New School   Preview Video
       Revisiting scaffolding
  • Nicholas Groom    University of Birmingham   
       Professional development in EFL: The teacher as researcher
  • Stephen Bax    University of Bedforshire  
       Reading in a second language: Some evidence from eye tracking
       Cognitive Processing in Reading Tests and Texts
  • David Nunan    Anaheim University     
       Beyond the classroom: The new frontier in language teaching
  • Anaheim Webinar: Current issues in online teacher education
       David Nunan (onsite)
       MaryAnn Christison (via webcam)
       Ken Beatty (via webcam)
       Julie Choi (via webcam)"